The journey for you, your team, your company, your community follows a common path of – where do you want to go? 

How will you get there, .and once you arrive, to recalibrate and keep going.

Our goal is to find where you are at presently and provide direction, at any stage, to reach your quest.


· To execute your vision – you know where you want to go, now you need to have others join you in the journey.

· To capture your own unique culture and climate – you know the company you wish to be, now you need to capture what you have and change to what is possible.

· To instill values – you know the values which each person in this journey should possess, now you need to energize them come alive to the people you lead and the communities you serve.

· To achieve your metrics – you have milestones to achieve in getting to your destination, now you need to build the right teams of people to get there with you.

· To change – you know what works, but now others need to embrace the change needed to get to the new destination as well.


Your ‘wheel ’ is the most important part of your quest – to navigate each part of your journey commands expertise across the north, east, south and west in balancing high performance:

· Your people & teams

· Your programs & processes

· Your organization & culture

· Your community & stakeholders

Your people – your only means to get to where you’re going; your challenge is to make their efforts the most important and fulfilling thing they do in their own lives.

Your programs & processes – to reach your destination means ensuring consistency and clarity in executing tasks, staying the course. Unwavering.

Your organization & culture – your vessel needs to be worthy of your quest; does your vision, mission, values, strategies provide the sustainability and capacity to reach your destination.

Your community & stakeholders – your face to the world; what will others say of your quest. Will you be known as bringing the good of stronger relationships, fair governance, noble reputation to others at your destination or of stripping the landscape for personal gain.




MacKINTOSH Canada is experienced in the development and effectiveness of 


CONSULTING - co-creating a winning culture 

COACHING - senior staff, key teams and individuals 

FACILITATING - engaging and effective programs and outcomes 

MENTORING - team leaders and middle/senior management 

GOVERNANCE - boards, teams and staff

Our Values

Our core values reflect global indigenous teachings and culture. They represent a transformational approach to leadership, honouring diversity and stewardship of the land and environment.

Respect – we demonstrate respect for ourselves, our colleagues, our partners and stakeholders including the land, water and air

Love – we seek to build lasting, positive relationships to build goodwill and demonstrate abundance

Bravery – we are committed to change through inclusiveness and recognizing the contributions of others

Wisdom – our learning contributes to the prosperity of all and for future generations

Humility – we act in ways that enhance, transform and grow through shared beliefs

Honesty – we act in ways that are ethical

Truth – we act and speak in accordance with the truth.



Bill Cogan is a Co-founder of MacKintosh and PeopleBest Canada and brings over 30 years of senior leadership and global consulting experience. He is a skilled consultant and an empowering coach and mentor. His journey began in Glasgow, Scotland and took him through the music business, engineering and leadership to his passion for mentoring and coaching individuals, teams, businesses and communities who are on a “quest” of transformation. This process of pausing, reflecting and re-imagining their future is energizing, creative and inspirational and is the basis of leading change in the challenges of the 21st century.

Bill brings a global perspective through living and working in multiple European countries and North America. His education reflects that journey from Stow College of Engineering, Glasgow, Scotland; global leadership at INSEAD, Paris, France and management and consulting at Northeastern University, Boston, USA

His list of clients includes governments, electronics, engineering, financial, pharmaceutical, retail, community-based organizations, education and professional sports. His work with communities focused on partnerships, rejuvenation, capacity building and sustainability. His work in the sports world included individuals and teams from mental coaching and mentoring of a Commonwealth Champion boxer to the same with Gaelic football teams that went on to win two All-Ireland Championships and another that one their provincial championship (after a 60-year drought). Bill also coached a senior women’s championship soccer team and received the coaching award.

Additional awards include the “Servant Leader Award” from the Pacific Institute, Seattle, USA and a “Thanks for all the Fun” award from ELAN Pharmaceuticals Europe.

Bill is values-driven which enables “the many” to engage and move towards a common vision through creativity, innovation and best practices

Email : bill@mackintoshconsulting.com

Phone : 780-498-6563



Karen MacKenzie is a proud Cree-Métis woman and the Co-Founder and President of MacKintosh Canada, an Indigenous owned, international consulting company. Business ownership along with academic and senior management positions has led Karen to this important crossroads in our collective societies where co-creation of the future is both important and enabling. Karen is a proven leader, a skilled consultant and an empowering coach. She is a highly respected authority on individual, team, organizational and community change; the development of strategic alliances, governance and strategic planning, as well as coaching and mentoring.

Karen brings her traditional knowledge of indigenous ways into the contemporary workplace as this wisdom and way of being reflect “wise practices of high performance organizations”. As an international professional speaker, Karen inspires audiences to find their inner passion and to move forward in the direction of their dreams. She challenges individuals to recognize their own gifts, talents and genius and to “let it all out”. Most importantly she assists individuals, teams and families, organizations and communities from moving where they are today to where they want to be.

She is passionate about supporting the dreams and aspirations of the people, organizations and communities. Karen is a member of the Edmonton Police Commission and the Circle of Elders for Edmonton Catholic Schools, heralded as a wise practice across Canada enabling greater success rates for First Nations, Métis and Inuit learners.

Email: karen@mackintoshconsulting.com

Phone : 780-908-8399

Questions to Ask Yourself

Are you experiencing:

• Difficulty in managing effective change?

• A lack of accountability?

• A toxic and/or disrespectful workplace

• Ineffective training and education

• “Micro” versus “Macro” management

• Lethargy

• Stressed and burnt-out employees

• Poor or ineffective communications with

core team and throughout the organization

• Trying to be ”on top of things” personally to achieve a balanced perspective and life

• Limiting budgets

• Transition from management to leadership

• Managing your boss, peers and employees

• Developing (effectively) yourself and your staff – Know you are on a purposeful path of development and perspective

• Getting a new idea, work priorities, or a new product launched

• A lack in purpose and looking to embrace a meaningful “Quest” – “what are you trying to make happen?”

• A lack of a compelling vision

• Trying to promote creativity and innovation

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